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Our Native Managed 501 c3 is a provider of Free Financial Literacy information, workshops, and materials, to Indian Country presented by Industry Experts.
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Videos from current and past events.
Video Introduction to new Art work from Chief of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, “Whitemoon”
Michael James Martin / Silvermoon
Indian Artist and Actor Feb. 27th 1891 – Jan. 20th 1969
John was a guest of Jay Winter on the Nightwolf Podcast. You can listen in below.
The topics included:
  • Achieving self-sustainability and financial strength.
  • Understanding "total sovereignty” for Tribes.
  • Using ethics and non-predatory lending practices.
  • Services that Veterans are not receiving and why.
  • Broken treaties and imminent domain.
  • Is El Toro Air Force Base Native land?
CASH CD United Nations Meetings 1 5-20-2018
Audio recorded and produced by Moe Thomas. Native prayer presented by Verona Iriarte. Host: Jay Winter Nightwolf.
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