"The Easy, Enjoyable Way to Learn to Read that has Decades of Proven Results"

Free 7 day trial allows you to see how fun and easy this is for yourself.

Many children and adults have not learned to read well, because they were taught to memorize instead of learning to sound out words.

Reading Solutions is offering a Free 7 Day Trial Run to show you how fun and easy it can be for children and adults to learn to read and build successful spelling and comprehension skills too.


Over 300 hours of entertaining activities make it fun to learn.

Uses phonics & other proven methods to help launch and continuously improve reading skills.

Build strong writing,spelling, and comprehension skills too.

Works for Children and Adults.

Free downloadable materials for parents and teachers.

Here's why this works...

More than 100 years of scientific reading research and reading studies, including brain imaging studies, have conclusively proven that learning to read proficiently requires learning the 26 letters of the alphabet, the 44 sounds those letters represent and the 70 common ways to spell them.
Phonics teaches your kids how to easily learn this proven foundation and then build on it.

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