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Press Release – Jan 29, 2019

The 2019 goal of this P3 is planning its “program kickoff” to fundamentally change the experience of recovery from addiction, mental health concerns, and related effects of trauma in American rural communities. More specifically, our work in Fort Coffee will help Le Flore County (Ft. Coffee is located in the county) to upgrade its community systems and make sure they work for everyone.

Further, it will include the implementation of programs that break the cycles of generational poverty through workforce development, instilling community pride and promotion of community activism, and the introduction of a thriving business development model to support long-term economic development success.

In most American rural communities, the customer experience of people who use healthcare, social service, and other community systems is like life before rural electrification. Everything is remote, isolated, less functional, and under-resourced. Black-market drug use flourishes under such conditions, while the efforts of community service systems and support providers are stymied.

Our approach is deceptively simple: to teach solutions that are known to work, to identify resources that communities can use to sustain the work, and to advocate for action. We propose to deliver support for strategies that address the risk of exposure to opiates throughout the entire Le Flore County population, prevention strategies that are known to be effective, and recovery supports
that can be implemented anywhere.

The P3 proposes to implement is a set of program templates developed in Northern Kentucky from 2013 to 2018 as that region responded to the opiate epidemic, and use a public-private partnership model to secure resources and fill in gaps in the local continuum of care. We will access resources from private and public insurance systems, hospital and healthcare systems, the Community Reinvestment Act, the Opportunity Zone program, and more. These resources include bank based Community Reinvestment Act driven Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) like the $30B one with Fifth Third Bank that FAU’s Chamber of Commerce has signed. This CBA came about through a national 600 member coalition called the National Community Reinvestment Coalition that C.A.S.H. CD is a member of, like its partner FAU.
Caddo Assets Services Help Community Development, Inc., commonly known as C.A.S.H. CD, on the web at, is a not for profit 501C3 Civil Society Organization who is a founding member of the Public Private Partnership (P3) of Friends of the African Union (FAU/ with the Town of Fort Coffee, Oklahoma. John T. Moss is C.A.S.H. CD Chairman and is a member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. His work has a primary focus in supporting the 70M Indigenous People in the Americas in smart home ownership along with economic project development programs that support community sustainable enhancements in education, business, careers, personal finance, and support of cultural institutions. Currently, this P3 is developing an opioid response strategy for rural America. The P3 will with C.A.S.H. CD focus on the over 3m Native Americans in rural America. For more information about being involved visit,
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