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Caddo Assets Services Help Community Development
Building Self Reliance through Education
Our 100% Indian managed non-profit is to provide funding in economic project development, education in business & personal finances, economic strategies, health, food distribution, nutrition, & instruction on implementation.
Native Leaders Launch Indigenous People’s Plan at UN Event
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Our Founder, John T. Moss, is a nationally recognized business leader, trainer, and author.

Financial Literacy presented with cultural understanding, as we provide, engenders a mind-set that promotes financial responsibility, which results in a desire to create generational economics.

Our main focus is on Native Americans (Indians, Alaskans, and Hawaiians), Military and surrounding communities.

The lack of ongoing support for Financial Literacy, has helped lead to a lifestyle that cannot be financially self-sustainable.

In conjunction with our approved supporters and our network of not-for-profit organizations, we are proud to offer our SPONSORSHIP as part of our "LIFE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM" for Native Americans that need assistance with drug / alcohol addictions rehabilitation.

If they qualify this can be NO COST to member or Tribe.

Please contact me and ask your Tribe to contact us to see how we may help.

We may have other solutions for anyone in the USA as a citizen...

We need more sponsors, donations, and volunteers to do more as we work with all nations and our Military with community cohesiveness.


All of this is incorporated with cultural preservation, with a holistic approach catered to those we work to support.

We are thankful for the support of our like minded unity of (Divisions, Sponsors, Donations, and Volunteers) Native American TIO, Wise Debt Relief, as dba's of C.A.S.H. CD (Caddo Assets Services Help Community Development).
John is available for Live Educational Events.
Call us at 800-620-9204
Our goal is to provide Education and Solutions on
  • Credit Protection and Enhancement / Your credit determines the cost of everything you finance and effects your finances throughout your life.
  • Debt Management & Elimination / How you manage and pay back your debts can save you or cost you tens of thousands in interest you'll either keep or give away.
  • Wealth Creation & Generational Wealth Retention / It takes time and hard work to build wealth, and it is far easier to spend your money than it is to keep it within your family.
  • Business Creation and Growth / Having your own business gives you control and removes dependency as long as you manage it well.
  • Employment Creation & Opportunities / Employment creation is both securing your future and giving back to your community.
By understanding & implementing such tools, our goal is to have all nations flourish as the creator intended.
Did you know...
  • American Indian Statistics compared to Non-Indian American Races
  • 40% of American Indian children live in poor families.
  • American Indians experience a 23% higher poverty level than any other race in America. Ref: National Center for Children in Poverty web site:
  • The infant mortality rate among urban Native Americans is 33% percent higher Rates of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) are 22% percent higher
  • The death rate among urban Native Americans is 38% percent higher
  • The death rate from diabetes is 54% percent higher
  • The death rate from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis is 126% percent higher
  • The rate of alcohol-related deaths is 178% percent higher.
  • Adolescent Alcohol use is 15% percent higher.
  • Adult Alcohol use is 17% percent higher. ·
  • For American Indian men, 26.5% of all deaths were alcohol-related, ·
  • For American Indian women, 13.2% of all deaths were alcohol-related. ·
  • In the general U.S. Population, 3.5% of all deaths in the U.S. considered alcohol-related
  • The dropout rate among Native youth is estimated to be in the 70-80% range (Anisef & Johnson, 1993, p. 52) while the non-Native rate ranges from 36.1%
  • The poverty rate for American Indians living on reservations (31.2%) is nearly three times the national rate.
  • One in five homes on reservations lack complete plumbing facilities and less than 52% are connected to the public sewer system, which creates numerous health and environmental hazards.
We all know there are brothers and sisters across the country who need our help. They are not living the life they were created to lead.

Together we can make a difference.
Building Native Communities
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This Investor Education workbook is for Native communities.

It is part of the Building Native Communities series published by First Nations Development Institute with support from the NASD Investor Education Foundation.

This excellent resource covers important areas of personal finance starting with the basics on investing and financial planning.

The book is extremely thorough and educational. It is an excellent reference to have on hand. You'll be able to download your copy on the next page. Click the button below and leave us your email information so we can keep you updated on our events too.
Thank you to our Sponsors & Supporters of Caddo Assets Services Help / C.A.S.H. Community Development
We appreciate your support in our mission to improve financial literacy and provide the education and strength needed to foster independence for all Native Americans in Indian Country, Military, and collaboratively with Communities.
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